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The Distraction of Digital Devices

Published on: November 28, 2015  

The Distraction of Digital Devices

I recently returned from a football game where I enjoyed a wonderful conversation with friends under the alumni tent. I realized that none of us took our phones out, played fruit ninja, scrolled through e-mails or flipped through Instagram and Tumblr posts.


I have sat at restaurants where I’ve observed an entire table of friends and family glued to their phones…no eye contact, no “hey check this out,” not even a wink.

The food arrives and everything changes. The focus is on enjoying the food served and one another…there’s engagement.

Once the meal is over, out come the electronics and the eyes pierce through touch screens and absorb whatever informations flashes up at them.

This is an interesting and very well-written article that looks at how electronics use impacts our relationships. I hope you enjoy it!

Question: When do you think it’s an appropriate time (age, grade, etc…) for child to have their very own cell phone?

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