Patricia Barr, Ph.D.

Patricia Barr, Ph.D.

A mother herself, Dr. Barr helps families to nurture and support their children and teens by providing a safe place for them to share and learn. “Down to earth” and “nice but honest” are comments she’s appreciated over her almost 40 years of experience.

Whether it’s a complicated diagnosis (ADHD or Asperger’s or Oppositional Defiant Disorder, for example) or a surprising change in a formerly happy child, Dr. Barr enjoys collaborating with clients and families to find the important factors impacting your child’s behavior.  She will then develop for your approval an evidence-based treatment plan using cognitive-behavioral and family systems techniques Improvement measures typically include evaluations from all involved as well as questionnaires and observations of mood and behavior.

Certification & Affiliations

Typical symptoms for Dr. Barr’s clients include anxiety, depression, anger, and cutting, not minding parents, tantrums, poor focus and attention, social problems, recovering from abuse or assault, or coping with family changes. Specialized techniques include EMDR for trauma, relaxation training, communication and social skills coaching, and teaching parents individualized ways to get the best responses from their children.

Community Involvement

Dr. Barr had a private practice for 30 years treating a wide variety of problems for clients from infancy through senior years.  In addition, her work settings have included school psychologist, a family abuse shelter, rape crisis centers, child treatment clinics, a developmental center, intelligence and personality assessments, SSD determinations, and even a tantrum clinic!  Recently, she treated soldiers and their families for three years at Ft. Wainwright, Alaska, which strengthened Dr. Barr’s belief that with support and interventions all families can thrive despite inevitable stresses, changes, and losses.