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Managing Change & Diversity

Published on: October 2, 2016  

Managing Change & Diversity

What is it that makes some able to adjust to changes easily while others resist changes and struggle when it happens? The core components managing change is associated with ones ability to recognize and manage stress, cope with personal and professional challenges, perceive set backs and failures as opportunities for growth, are always developing achievable and appropriate goals, and employ effective and healthy problem solving processes to short and long-term challenges.


Effective change managers embody simmilar characteristics like having average to above-average intelligence, well developed critical thinking skills, stellar planning and organizational skills, and an easy-going temperament. Moreover, these individuals have developed at least one area of expertise, are independent and flexible, tolerate change well, and have good emotional control.

Good social skills are also a part of the mix as good change mangers read and respond quickly to social gestures and behaviors. They are typically friendly and affectionate and can quickly identify resources in their environment and can access those resources effectively and efficiently. Additionally, good problem solvers have established A trusting relationship with at least one person.

Hoe do you or your child reposed to change? Please contact one of our specialty trained Psychologists to talk more about we can help you or your child or teen to effectively manage stress, cope with everyday challenges and demands, and learn the skills to bounce back from adverse circumstances and events, 360-236-0206. We’re here to help!

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