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Linking Kids, Teens and Families to Resources in the South Sound

Published on: September 17, 2009  

Linking Kids, Teens and Families to Resources in the South Sound

As a Child & Pediatric Psychologist I take a look at the emotional well being of children and teens.  I take a careful look their social skills, cognitive functioning, problem solving skills, their adaptability, their capacity to engage emotionally, eating patterns, unusual movements or behaviors, anxiety, depression, difficulty paying attention or sitting still and if they are sleeping well or not.

I also look at if they are getting along with their parents or caregivers, the quality of their relationships with their siblings and if they are following the house rules established by their parents and meeting their behavioral expectations, which includes chore completion.  I also ask if they are respectful of others personal space and are generally respectful of others including their ability to be well mannered when appropriate.

Another component I look at is the child’s functioning at school including their academic strengths and challenges, their relationship with their teachers, counselor and members of their educational team as well as their involvement in school-based social groups and clubs.

The last area I look at is the child or teen’s involvement in community-based activities and the relationships they have formed with peers and adults during their involvement in those activities. Getting kids involved in activities is so important that I wanted to develop a place where kids, teens and their parents can go to find fun, organized and safe activities in their community. To meet this need I developed a site that is designed to give kids, teens and their parents a list of organized resources that they can look at so that they can make the very best choice on what activities will be best for their and the children. Interviews with members our community about what they offer kids, teens and families, tips on good bike trails, hiking trails and family friendly parks and beaches will also be a part of this site in the form of the weekly GoGyroGo Blog. A monthly Newsletter will not be far behind. The site is Please take a look.  I think you’ll be happy with what you discover.

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