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Gyropsychology Services, Inc.

Contact us

Gyro Psychology Services

5191 Corporate Center Court SE
Lacey, WA 98503

866.616.GYRO (4976)
360.236.9909 (fax)

At Gyro Psychology Services, we are dedicated to helping children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral problems. Please take a few minutes to give us your feedback so that we can better understand your unique needs and the needs of your child or teen.

All fields are required.

Please read our email policy

We understand that e-mail is a common and practical way of communicating. We do have some policies regarding the use of e-mail at Gyro Psychology Services:

  • Contacting us via e-mail does not constitute a doctor patient relationship.
  • Appointments or changes to an appointment that are made via e-mail will not be accepted. Please make an appointment or change an existing appointment by calling us directly at 360.236.0206.
  • Please do not e-mail us in any emergency or crisis situation. If you are having an emergency or feel you are in a crisis situation please do one of the following:

    • Call 911
    • Go to the nearest emergency room
    • Call the 24-hour crisis line, 360-586-2800

Thank you for your understanding & cooperation!