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Best Cloud Storage 2017: Top Unlimite Personal Cloud Stotage Providers

Published on: February 23, 2012  

Best Cloud Storage 2017: Top Unlimite Personal Cloud Stotage Providers

Cloud Storage 2017:  Cloud Storage Services are the online service which helps you to store your favourite files and to share important documents to any person in online using these services. These services offer you to store the file for online and few more features. Here you can go through the list one by one.

Here are the List of Top Cloud Storage 2017

Google Drive


Google Drive is most widely used cloud storage service. It’s quite easy to use then all you need to do use just sign up for Gmail account and then you can share and store the files in your Google Drive using your Google Account. It even offers you 50GB free storage. So, you can even create another account for another free 50GB storage.


MEGA is also an excellent cloud storage service which offers you ultimate encryption and security. This cloud storage service will offer you 50GB free cloud storage and available for all platforms like Windows, Mac, ios and Android devices.


Pcloud cloud storage service which offers you 10 GB free storage completely for beginner use and even you can extend it up to 20GB. You can share all your videos, images, apps and much more files in this cloud storage service. This service is also available for Windows and Linux operating systems in the form of clients while in the form app for android and ios devices.


Mediafire is the most popular cloud storage for all platforms. You can easily use the desktop client and android apps for all platforms like Windows, Linux, iOs and android devices. Now this cloud storage service offers you 10GB free storage at the beginning and even you can clear some surveys and task in order to get 50GB storage.


DropBox is also one of the most popular cloud storage services for Android which actually offers 2GB storage in the beginning but later on you can get up to 18 GB storage by doing some simple works. You can share the file with your friends who has the Dropbox account and even you can store there.


Box cloud storage offers you 10GB free drive storage. You can get an app of this cloud storage on your smartphone then even you can desktop client for all Windows, Mac and Linux operating. You can easily sync with Box cloud storage with these clients and apps.


FlipDrive is also one of the best cloud storage services. You can easily get 10GB free storage while using this service in the beginning. You can even increase the storage by upgrading it.


OneDrive is online storage service offered by Microsoft. Here you will get 5GB storage through it. You can easily install desktop clients on your PC to sync the files between your PC and cloud storage. Even there are apps used to share the files between android app and cloud storage service.


You can easily update any files in your Android device to Cloud Storage. You can store files up to 20GB I mean storage of the Might upload is this much. You can share files with the max size of 2GB in this cloud storage service.

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